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Crawley west sussex

Are you a enthusiastic female actor?? Do you want to be a part of a film with a love theme?

We are looking for a female lead aged 38-45

The three main Requirements for the role are!!

  1. Must be in-between 38-45 years old.
  2. Must have or be willing to have dark long hair.
  3. must be under six foot.

Right straight off the bat this film is a drama filled roller-coaster ride of a love story. Our two main protagonists must fight to prove they are not together. As their families, friends, and society outcast them.

They have a race against time to prove they have no feelings for each-other. However, are they convincing themselves or everybody else?

For me, the most EXCITING thing is this is a true story and a great opportunity for someone to bring this character to life.
The film will be filmed on location in Crawley Town in west Sussex.

On completion the film will be entered into film festivals around the world!!
We will need you to commit to a seven-day shooting schedule and be able to get to and from crawley on your own. however, Accommodation will be provided by us.

Filming should commence on the 1st august 2021.

For more information, please contact me.

Please note you can attach a CV or a cover letter if you wish. if you upload a cover letter please add a bit about you and why you want the role. also, please send your cv or cover letter with a photo of yourself on it.

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